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tv   The War Room With Jennifer Granholm  Current  October 4, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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m last night. we're at number three healthcare. romney has repeatedly said he would repeal obama care on day one and yet last night he said well, he truly wouldn't get rid of all of it. he would keep the most popular piece which is covering pre-existing conditions. >> romney: actually, it's a lengthy description but number one, pre-existing conditions are covered under my plan. >> jennifer: then after the debate his top deputy eric fehrnstrom, the guy who said that the campaign would etch-a-sketch away its
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positions. fehrnstrom -- clarified mitt romney's position saying... >> jennifer: in other words mitt romney will not guarantee coverage for pre-existing conditions and you better hope that you live in the right state or that you're lucky enough to already have insurance. in fact, romney admitted the very same thing back in march to jay leno. >> romney: people with pre-existing conditions as long as they've been insured before, they will continue -- >> suppose they were never insured. >> if they're 45 years old and i need insurance because i have a heart disease. hey, guys, we can't play the game like that. >> jennifer: we can't play the game like that. by making sure everybody has adequate coverage, that wouldn't be fair. so does mitt romney's strategy
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of saying one thing and then right afterward have his campaign walk it back actually work? alan schroeder is a professor at northeastern university, the author of presidential debates 50 years of high-risk tv. professor, glad to welcome you back into "the war room." is team romney's little two-step with the truth effective? >> you know, unfortunately, i think that strategy is sort of effective and here's the analogy i would use. it's like the newspaper article that gets something wrong. everybody reads the story and gets the mistake in version of what happened but the correction that comes out the next day is on page 35 in a little box and nobody sees it. and so that's what happens here. it really has to get corrected during the debate and that was the job of course of barack obama and for whatever reason, he didn't do it. >> jennifer: let it go means that you end up missing the opportunity to set the record straight in front of 50 million people. we talked about this last night.
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-- last time, whether it is a better strategy to spend your time rebutting lies or to go instead on the attack. do you think that the president should have gone after each one of these lies that romney has thrown at him? if he does, he wastes his time in the attack -- he doesn't get a chance to go on offense. >> no. that's absolutely right but the thing is on things like the healthcare, that's an obama strength and so what you try to do ideally i think is take the lie, sort of turn it around and make it work for you on your turf. because you know, you're in the ballpark talking about issues. if somebody throws a lie out there that's of a personal nature if mitt romney said where is your birth certificate or something like that, you do ignore that but on substantive ground, i think you really have to use the debate time. it is so important. >> jennifer: you can anticipate what those are going to be. well today, the president actually did come out swinging again. he got back up, he went on the
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campaign trail. let's take a listen to a small part of what he said. >> obama: the man on stage last night, he does not want to be held accountable for the real mitt romney's decisions and what he's been saying for the last year. and that's because he knows full well that we don't want what he's been selling for the last year. [ cheers & applause ] >> obama: governor romney may dance around his positions but if you want to be president you owe the american people the truth. >> jennifer: now arguably, he should have been talking like that on the stage last night or have gone after it but he didn't. so do you think that it's important for the president today to stoke the fires of his supporters after their dreams were doused last night? >> well, he almost has to but the problem, of course, is that it's such a contrast between yesterday and today that it almost exacerbates the problem or draws more attention to it.
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and of course, it's funny. he's talking about the romney who showed up to debate there because a lot of us who were watching the debate was wondering where was the obama that we knew at the debate last night. >> jennifer: it is kind of interesting, isn't it? you have actually written a lot about psyching yourself up before a debate. president obama -- he did get into denver just two hours before the debate. do you think that based on his performance, it was somehow a miscalculation to sort of rush it? >> yeah. absolutely. you know, all the way back to 1960 in the first kennedy/nixon debate, the day of the debate, nixon's people put him out. he was doing events, he had speeches he gave the day of the debate which is nuts in retrospect. but i think even something as simple as a travel day why not do that the day before. it just seems like you don't want to take any risk that will throw your candidate off. you want them rested. you want them ready to go and i really don't -- i would like to hear somebody explain why they decided to fly him in that
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afternoon. >> jennifer: obviously they had a strategy in the debate about him being less combative. that he was going to be more presidential. that had to have been why he didn't punch back at every opportunity. i'm curious about the format going forward. the next debate is going to be a town hall style and after all of the reviews of the debate last night, what do you expect? >> well, town hall, of course is a very different format. it is a format that i think gives romney some trouble because he is not at his best with regular people. we've seen a number of instances of that on the campaign trail and yet it is a little hard for the president to be very aggressive against romney in front of those town hall voters who are the ones asking the questions. town hall debates people tend to get nicer with each other. so in a way obama's in a difficult position because ideally, he should use this follow-up debate to go in and kind of correct some of the things that he got wrong the first time out but with all of the people in the audience
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there, i think it is a little tougher to do. he better just hope that romney, you know, insults one of the people in the audience or makes some weird pop cultural reference or something like that. >> jennifer: you think you can be tougher in a podium style debate than in a town hall debate. however, i do think that even in a town hall-type debate in this election, people want to hear the things they've been seeing about on tv and commercials, the 47% comment cayman islands money being stashed away. mitt romney's not showing his tax returns. do you think that those kinds of issues are going to come up in a town hall debate? >> it's hard to know, you know. town hall debates are really quirky. it is a little hard to know what's going to come out of the mouths of the participants and of course, we haven't actually seen the rules yet. the way they did it last time was the town hall people had to get there in the afternoon a couple of hours early. they wrote out their questions and the moderator picked the questions from what had been
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submitted. i'm not sure that's the way they're doing it this year but it's a tougher one for the candidates to gain because you can't predict the subject matter. >> jennifer: all right. well that's alan schroeder author of presidential debates 50 years of high-risk tv. thanks so much for joining us inside "the war room." coming up, our next big debate lie is so outrageous, it actually makes my eyes twitch when i hear it. so i apologize for that beforehand. you're watching "the war room" on current tv. we'll be right back.
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>> jennifer: all right tonight we're taking apart mitt's debate lies. here's lie number four, one that really makes my eyes twitch or my blood boil, pick your condition. his comment about clean energy investment. >> romney: i think about half of them -- of the ones that have been invested in have gone to business. a number happen to be owned by people who are contributors to your campaigns. >> jennifer: not true.
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here's the reality of the 26 winners of the department of energy loan guarantees, three of the companies have failed. three out of 26. not even come close to half and those three companies got less than 2% of the total clean energy investment according to "the new york times" and bloomberg news. much better than a venture capital record would ever find but then of course in typical romney style his campaign admitted only afterward that their candidate had actually lied during the debate. "time" magazine tweeted he had spoken to the romney campaign and the romney camp says he misspoke. he only meant to single out loan programs three out of 30 recipients failed. less than 2% in dollar terms but of course mitt romney knew exactly what he was doing. it was out front in the debate, difficult to take back and joining me to break down more of mitt romney's debate lies and president obama's performance is christine pelosi. christine chairs the california democratic party women's
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caucus. you can find her political analysis on politico's arena section. welcome back inside "the war room." does that energy misstatement drive you crazy, too? >> i think it is so wrong of mitt romney to talk in the way he does. first of all, he was out there talking about the oil and gas subsidies because they had been there 100 years. a lot of things are different now than they were 100 years ago. thank god. second of all, he took more risks in one single year at bain capital on any given year than have been taken here. i think really his problem is he can't decide who obama is. some days he's a socialist or a capitalist. he needs to make up his mind. the truth is coming out and it will catch up to mitt romney. >> jennifer: there is a ton of material from last night. what drives you most crazy? >> the lie that he told when he said he cared about the middle class. we heard him talking about the 47%. he said it's not my job to care about those people. they don't take responsibility for their lives. you know who do? nearly everyone in the 47% starting with medicaid moms.
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we've been studying for a month. >> jennifer: what did you learn? >> i've been working with some researchers at afscme and we did some research in your home state of michigan. communicated with 40,000 members of the 47% and when they heard about the medicaid expansion their rights and responsibilities under obama care, support for obama care went up 19%. they're ready to take responsibility. get their kids checkup take care of their family members with disabilities and make sure their mom or grand mom is in a safe nursing home. those are medicaid moms. these medicaid moms are very concerned that mitt romney would cut them off. who's going to kick grandma out of a nursing home? the person who cuts off medicaid. >> jennifer: exactly right. it is going to be interesting to see how this plays out. there was an instant poll done today after the debate. reuters poll taken among independents arrive the debate. found that president obama's
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favorability actually increased 8 points from 46% to 54%. ironically romney's remains static at 44%. a bit counterintuitive. >> not really. first of all, president obama had to be a debater and a moderator at the same time. kind of tough to do two jobs instead of one out there. second of all, he hit his points he's been making consistently about healthcare and education and third, he did -- campaign boot camp call the obama hug. i've been boot camping for five years. >> >> jennifer: when they greet each other? >> rhetorically speaking, he always hugs his opponent. he always says something nice. when jon huntsman got into the race for president obama said he was a great advocate for the country as an ambassador for china. we're really not so different. abraham lincoln who campaigned on don't change horses in the middle of the stream. obama is saying we're both going in the same direction.
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partisans hate it. but independents love it and that's why his support went up among independents. that's why people still believe that obama leads in the category of who cares about the problems that people like me -- that's why the medicaid moms are going to trust barack obama. >> jennifer: let me play you quickly a sound byte from that -- democrats passing obama care. take a quick listen. >> romney: instead of bringing america together and having a discussion on this important topic, you pushed through something that you and nancy pelosi and harry reid thought it was the best answer and drove it through. what we did in the legislature 87% democrat. we were together. >> jennifer: all right. of course, if he brings up your mom, i have to reason with you is there anything in his record that would suggest he's capable of reaching across the aisle to get something done in this congress? >> not with the things he says about my mom but more important massachusetts legislator had met the night that romney was sworn in and said we're going to block all things, he wouldn't have
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gotten it down. romney and obama are both dealing with divided communities but the fact of the matter is more and more people are starting to say we need one party to get something done in washington. his remarks prove it. lee work with a democratic congress. >> jennifer: taking that pledge, you know. signing a pledge saying he won't compromise. that's christine pelosi. thank you, my dear for coming inside "the war room." coming up, tonight's big debate lie number five. distinction that mitt romney made money off of it. we'll narrow that down for you right here in "the war room."
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>> romney: but the idea that you get a break for shipping jobs overseas is simply not the case. >> jennifer: okay, this lie really burns me because as head of bain capital, mitt romney likely financially benefitted from moving jobs overseas to china. so let's debunk this fallacy of the night. we have a june letter to lawmakers from the congressional joint committee on taxation.
7:48 pm
it says... in other words, firms that move their factories overseas can deduct the moving expenses. you pay for that. seems like something that mitt romney's savvy accountant would be well aware of. now, there is no doubt about it. big money can get very ugly and not just when it comes to outsourcing. greg palace is an investigative reporter specializing in voter suppression. he's out with a new book "billionaires and bailout bandits, how to steal the election in nine easy steps." greg welcome inside "the war room." >> glad to be with you governor. >> jennifer: all right. so you make a really bold claim which is that people like karl rove and the koch brothers with the help of people like nathan sprewell and just to remind our
7:49 pm
viewers, he's the guy that the republican committee hired to register republicans only in districts in florida and perhaps other states that those billionaires with the help of nathan sprewell plan to steal six million votes this election. that's what you claim. how is that possible? >> bobby kennedy, law professor by the way bobby kennedy and i did an investigation for "rolling stone." i was also at bbc television. we went through the raw data of the elections assistance commission. it is amazing what you can see when you're look and in the last election 2.7 million votes ballots were cast and never counted. now, these are glitches. they have the wrong envelopes but you'll love this one governor. if you are african-american the chance your ballot will not get counted, they call it spoiled is 900% higher than if you're a white voter.
7:50 pm
500% higher than if you're a latino voter than a white voter. plus 3.2 million voters were wiped off the voter rolls in the last election. this time, it will be worse and how does this happen? how come black voters have a tough time getting their ballots counted? how come they get wiped off the voter rolls. >> jennifer: what's the deal? what's going on? >> two things. data trust and teamous. it is a giant data mining operation that was funded and created by the koch brothers. data trust is run by a guy that george bush gave the flowery name of terd blossom mr. karl rove. he runs something called data trust. these operations act like electronic drones, knocking out and challenging the votes, the ballots and the registration almost exclusively of minority voters. >> jennifer: how does that work. i don't get it. how does that electronically happen. i don't understand the
7:51 pm
mechanism. >> there's two ways. for example, i was the reporter that broke the story for bbc of how katherine harris back in 2000 knocked off tens of thousands of black voters off the voter rolls. she called them felons. they were criminals. they were voting while black. that game is back. what they do is they take databases of convicted felons and they use a name. a common black name like robert moore and they knock off all of the black robert moores on the voter rolls of florida. in fact, in the current list, this is not katherine harris. this is the current list. a convict named robert moore who is white by the way resulted in the removal of mrs. bobby moore from the voter rolls of florida. that's how they play the game. >> jennifer: so when the real robert moore shows up, somehow this -- this has to be done in partnership with the secretaries of state. >> absolutely. >> jennifer: yeah, okay. let me quickly shift -- jump into another billionaire that
7:52 pm
you also talk about. we hear about the koch brothers all the time obviously but another name that is home depot financier ken langone. listen to the sound byte. take a listen. >> if he's listening, you can quote me. he's not acting presidential. he is behaving in a way designed in my opinion to divide us, to make us look at each other with skepticism, with suspicion. that's the end of america as we know it when that happens. >> jennifer: okay. so mr. langone and his ilk there afraid of president obama. are there others like him that we should be concerned about investing in schemes like this? >> i want to tell you that billionaire langone is the guy that created the list of black voters to wipe out that was given to katherine harris. he's the guy that did it. he's the guy that did it. he needed a new president.
7:53 pm
why? facing insider trading charges. >> jennifer: greg, we've gotta either have you back or make sure our viewers read your book because you've got a lot packed in there. greg pal ast author of billionaires and ballot bandits. how to steal the election in nine easy steps. more to come in "the war room" right after this.
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>> romney: i'm sorry jim, i'm going to stop the subsidy to pbs and other things. i like big bird. i actually like you too. >> jennifer: that, ladies and gentlemen leads to our sixth and final mitt lie of the night so romney wants us to believe that cutting funds to pbs is going to fix the deficit. not true. in 2010, the federal government gave $300 million to pbs of course is not chicken scratch but $300 million is about 1/100 of 1% of the total federal budget. one thing is sure, firing big
7:56 pm
bird sure ain't going to fix the deficit. as you can imagine romney's big bird dis has not gone over well with the residents of "sesame street" including elmo who sat down with this exclusive interview with our own brett ehrlich. shh, brett's talking now. >> listen, i know how you can lose a debate but what i don't know is how you can lose a debate to a guy who during that debate said that he wanted to cancel "sesame street." when i say i'm fond of someone i don't then vow to fire them. i wanted to talk to someone that this statement might hurt the most and for that, we talked to my close personal friend, elmo. elmo, how are you feeling? >> elmo is trying to make this a learning experience. for example p is for positive. very well. >> elmo, that's so -- what do you mean you're not doing well? >> elmo is concerned for everyone on "sesame street."
7:57 pm
we already live on the street. >> so you really thing think this is going to affect your daily life? >> before you know it, we'll be sharing oscar's trash can and buy inexpensive street -- and elmo is going to try to eat snuffleupagas. i don't want to eat snuffleupagas. >> you think your whole show is gone. what about elmo's world? >> good-bye elmo's world. hello, romney's world. in romney's world, you don't work for the television's workshop. you work for the children's television sweatshop. ha ha, ha. >> that's so sad to hear. what are you going to do for money, elmo? >> it will be very difficult for elmo. instead of tickle me elmo, elmo is going to have to tickle you. i will do that for $40. >> $20. >> i think you're done talking now. we're officially done talking now.
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